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If you have construction projects, concrete cutting services must not be missed. This is because of the role it plays in construction, such as ensuring the safety of concrete surface, its properties, safe ways to demolish it, construction of concrete works, and so many more. 

Now, if you are a resident of Jacksonville, FL, or its nearby places and you are looking for an effective concrete cutting services provider, our concrete cutting Jacksonville FL team can be the one you’ve been looking for.

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Concrete Cutting Services We Offer!

As one of the reliable and trusted lineups of concrete construction and cutting service providers in Florida, our team was able to build a good reputation over the years of hard work. This is because of the high-quality and guaranteed range of services we offer that are mostly strengthened by decades of experience along with the equipment used to handle a necessary project. Simple or complex, small or big, this job’s main scope has no difference when compared with a trained concrete professional. 

Furthermore, we prioritize job safety at all times. Along with this, we also ensure that we maximize value and efficiency. 

Here are the concrete cutting Jacksonville, Fl services we offer are listed below.

Services Offered

Concrete Core Drilling 

Jacksonville Concrete has been one of the nation’s boasters when it comes to diamond core drill bits, along with appropriate skills and expertise to use them. We can drill holes as wide as 12” and as tight as 3/4” in diameter. We can also make deep cuts up to 40”. Our team has the capacity to provide flexible solutions since not all concrete cutting service providers are able to do so. We guarantee high-quality outcomes with our maneuverable and adaptable concrete cutting tools. 

Flat Sawing 

Our team also offers flat sawing as one of the concrete cutting services. Here, we ensure that there is a proper catering of needs through investing in cutting-edge technology. Along with this, we ensure that the team is skilled and experienced enough to accomplish every flat sawing project. Our flat sawing service includes cutting and slicing through pre-cast concrete, metal, asphalt, steel-reinforced concrete, and even other 24” thick stone types. 

Wall Sawing 

Wall sawing is the concrete cutting service we offer, which refers to the controlled demolition method of precisely cutting vertical and horizontal concrete surfaces. This is the technique well-known for allowing contractors to cut access ways for stairs and elevators, crossovers for cabling, and flow detectors for dams. Also, flat sawing allows cutting or enlarging of window and door openings. Rest assured that our well-experienced and trained workers cater to this service to ensure that there will be smooth finishes on your openings. This will then allow an immediate window or door installation.

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